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Playhouse Square Cleveland, Ohio Review

The Cleveland Playhouse Square is the second biggest theater in the district right next to the Lincoln Center in New York. Built around the 1920s, the Playhouse Square was almost demolished during the 1970s because of the declining attendance in the place. Needless to say, the world has nearly lost this significant piece of history if not for the effort of The Junior League of Cleveland that worked with the commissioners in the Cuyahoga County. With their help, the theaters have been restored and reopened and in the process, the established the Playhouse Square Foundation.

Thankfully, all the original theaters have been officially opened, every single one of which is hosting the most famous Broadway productions, musical concerts and different kinds of performances all year round. The latest aesthetic projects have also further enhanced the appeal of the place, including the attention grabbing signage and the brand new chandelier seen from the streets. The area also has its very own lively and vibrant restaurant as well as a bar scene that boasts of a campus vibe to it, which is not really a big surprise because the Cleveland State University is just a stone’s throw away.

Cleveland Playhouse Square Review

The Playhouse Square is a living and proudly standing proof that something that has already reached its prime can no longer be revived and improved. This specific kind of retro-new revival is also a wonderful example of what really makes Cleveland as a one of a kind and cool place for many good reasons.

With the Playhouse Square, there’s no longer a need to go to New York City just to have a taste of Broadway because you already get it right here. Many of the patrons of the place are big supporters of the arts and this is what makes them keep coming back to the Playhouse Square Theater for several years. The place offers countless numbers of local shows, Broadway tours, concerts and comedians and the best thing is that you can experience all of these for just a fraction of a cost compared to what you will need to pay if you will otherwise watch them on a bigger venue or better yet, the Broadway itself.

Every single performance done in the theater has something great to offer to everyone and you would definitely leave the place fully satisfied with the enjoyable show that you just witness right before your eyes.

Playhouse Square Cleveland Review

The architecture that you can see in the place is also breathtaking. Each time you sit there, you can’t help but to wonder how the theaters were actually built without the presence of the technology that is being used in the modern era. It can be too hard to believe the great amounts of detail that went to every small inch of this place and surely, you don’t get to see things like what Playhouse Square has to offer every day of your ordinary life!

If your interest lies in theaters and their historical past and what their relation to the present day is, then, a visit to the Playhouse Square is something that you will definitely love.

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