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Maha’s Falafil Restaurant Cleveland, Ohio Review

Review written by Ben K. Co-owner of Hawaii Plumbing Company –

The West Side market has been a place where various food stands that offers a wide variety of foods can be found and tastes. One of the stand there that has garnered the attention of food lovers is the Maha’s Falafil. It is a family owned stand that offers a friendly atmosphere while their customers are enjoying their food. This review has been made to help food lovers determine whether they should try eating from this restaurant or not.

What are the things that they are offering?

  • Sides

Aside from them offering great dishes, their sides are also great. Moreover, whatever sides you have chosen would surely complement well with the dish that you have also chosen. You can even have some of the dishes warm. This includes French Fries, Spinach Pies, Meat Pies, Pita Chips, Pita bread (bagged/sliced and fried), Hummus, Baba Ghanouj, Tabouli, Mujadara, Pickled Turnips, Cucumber Sauce, Falafil, Grape Leaves

  • Breakfast wrap

All of their breakfast wraps are wrapped on pita bread. It may include steak, cheese, falafil, egg, fries and veggie, depending on the wrap that you have chosen.

  • Falafil wraps

When it comes to their Falafil wrap, they use fresh ingredients including parsley, chickpeas, onion, sweet pepper, garlic, pita wrap, lettice, tomato, fries, pickled turnips and others. It also comes with the tahini sauce and hot sauce is also available for the wraps.

  • Chicken wraps

All of the chicken wraps comes with tomato, onion and lettuce. You could also have hot sauce for it if you want. Their wrap includes chicken gyro, chicken chipotle, classic chicken, chicken shawarma, crispy chicken and chicken shish tawook.

  • Veggie wraps

Their veggie wraps are wrapped in pita bread and may also come with hot sauce, depending on your preference.

  • Meat wraps

This is somewhat similar to their chicken wraps. The only difference is that meat is used instead of chicken. Plus, you would get to choose which tahini or tzatiki sauce you would want. They offer 2 meat wraps- the kafta and the beef and lamb wrap.

  • Phillies

Their Phillies comes together with onion, tomato, grilled mushroom, lettuce, mayo and melted cheese. What makes it different from others is that you can choose what pita bread or hoagie you would like to have.

  • Platters

All of their platters are also served together with lettuce, tomato and pita bread (sliced). It also has a tahini sauce on the side, which makes it the perfect platter combination.

What do their customers think about them?

Their customers seem to be very pleased with the foods that they have offered them. They said that their foods are absolutely delicious and some of them are planning to go back and taste their food again. They also said that it offers the best and freshest falafil, that are difficult to find in some other place. They also like the fact that they are offering them a whole new falafil taste.


This one exceeds the expectations of a stand that food lovers would surely love.


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