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Lola: A Michael Symon Restaurant Review – Cleveland, Ohio

Gateway District

Do you love to have a wonderful experience in a delicious and fantastic restaurant in Cleveland? Well, come to Lola because it is the place for you wherein it offers an unforgettable and delicious menu of foods and drinks. It is one of the most stylish restaurant wherein there are lots of choices for you to choose from. In Lola, you will never go hungry since most of their foods are flavorful type of ethnic cuisine and at the same time, food trendy too.

Here are the things that Lola can offer you:

  • Lola can offer you casual dining. In this place, you can enjoy the charming contemporary cuisine and décor of a casual restaurant that you will just find only in Cleveland. You can choose from Asian to American or to Middle East menus or you can consider having fusion foods. With these kinds of food options, you will not spend too much money since it is being offered at a very reasonable price for you to experience full dinner or lunch.
  • They also have first-class dining. Lola is the kind of place you are looking for that is award winning when it comes to cuisine. You will have experience the most of the fine dining restaurant that offers best customer service you will surely love and enjoy.
  • They have cheap thrills. In Lola, the good food you will taste is not too expensive. You cave different impressive dishes at a very reasonable price. They can offer you breakfast, lunch or dinner menus that have lots of options. They will surely satisfy you and guarantee you very reasonable, suitable to one’s appetite.
  • Offers you the taste of Cleveland. This place will provide you a taste that you will never forget wherein you will surely be back to try their latest cuisine that truly melted your heart once you taste it.

In Lola, most of their customer finds this place as an outstanding one. Starting from its location, amazing cocktails, atmosphere and sublime foods, all are impressive and excellent. Everything in this place is delicious, including the elegant pairings of herbs and spices and at the same time, freshly made from their kitchen. Through Lola, you will also experience the perfect wines or cocktail that is always best as ever. Furthermore, you will be filled with tasty dessert such as malt chocolate verrinne, peanut crunch, almon financier and a lot more.

As you taste what Lola can offer you, you will surely decide to be back in this wonderful place. You will enjoy, relax while just sitting in the bar, enjoying cocktails and wine. It is also perfect for some romantic moments wherein it offers sophisticated dinner. In addition, all of the staff in Lola is all knowledgeable, active and professional in serving you. So, if you want to try their best foods and drinks, don’t miss visiting Lola together with your friends and family and experience the complete overall impression about this place. Lola is an awesome place that you should never miss out once you visit Cleveland.

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